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Set it up and take it down, a forklift safety story


IMG 2067 1Set it up and take it down, a forklift safety story

Many of our customers are companies and organizations that are in the entertainment industry. Setting it up and taking it down is the life they live every day. In Las Vegas the IATSE local 720 uses us to make sure their forklift and aerial lift operators are certified. 4 Wall Entertainment uses our Train the Trainer services at all their locations around the nation. 

Members of the blue man group use us to keep OSHA compliant and even the cast of Tanked on Animal Planet have taken our rough terrain forklift training class before doing a custom install in Florida.


In California we have done Train the Trainer forklift classes for All Access Staging, Universal Studios and most recently the NFL Network. 

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If your Staging, Studio or entertainment company needs your forklift operators or aerial lift operators OSHA certified don’t hesitate to call us. We understand your business and will make sure your guys are properly trainers. 


Forklift University has been training forklift operators for over 12 years across the USA including at Hoover Dam, if you are looking for the best Dam forklift training call us toll free at 888-674-9992.

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